Welcome to my personal homepage. Finally, I found the time to create it.

I’m very happy to achieve the first part of my goals for 2008. I’m the 2008 Cyprus Time Trial Champion and third in the Elite category on the Road Race.


All this thanks to all the hard work I did in training and also all the people who believed in me, helped me and supported me until now.


I’ve never been happier, the team around me was always so confident of their work and only this gave me the courage to do what I do best in my life and to ride my bike first to the Finish Line.

I would really like to thank my Coach Mr. Christos Kythreotis and my sponsors, without the help and knowledge of these people I would not have been able to achieve this. Also I would like to thank my Family for their support and patience all these years.

Best Regards,

Andreas Nicolaou


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